Clicking the 'Join AMOC' button below will open a new browser window.

Refer to the suggestions below while completing the form.

Suggestions for completing the membership application

  1. MEMBERSHIP TYPE:  Choose Individual Overseas or Family Overseas.  Note, there is no current benefit for Family Membership in Section West.


  3. IF you do not receive a popup with options to 'Cancel' or 'OK,' continue to complete all of the empty boxes including name and address.  If you receive a popup, clear the cookies from your browser, quit, and restart your browser.

  4. DATE OF BIRTH: DD/MM/YYYY This is a required field.  We're not going to check until you have been a member for 30 consecutive years and admit to being over 65.

  5. COUNTY:  Use standard USPS two letter state abbreviations: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA. 

  6. TELEPHONE NUMBER:  Each of the phone number fields must have a ten digit phone number. Use only numbers, other characters will stall the system. The system does not check to ensure the numbers are different.

  7. DATA PROTECTION:  100% your choice, however checkbox number two helps the Trust gather information on our cars and it starts, or continues a point in the history of the car.  Cars with known histories may have additional value when it is known to have been owned by an AMOC member enthusiast.

  8. ISSUE NUMBER:  In the payment section, there is a field for ‘Issue Number,’ not something we see in the US.  The system will stall if issue number is blank, use 01 (zero one, as numbers) is a default and used in the UK if the card does not have an issue number.

  9. CARD START MONTH/YEAR:  If known, great, if not leave it blank.

  10. SUBMIT:  If the form stalls, or there does not appear to be a change, scroll to the top of the form, and look for errors or empty fields. The only two fields that do not require data, are the second address field, where suite, apartment, or mail drop information would be listed and 'Card Start Month/Year.  The AMOC site is subtle and does not point out errors with sound effects, pop-ups, arrows, or other indicators other sites may use.  AMOC form error are in noted by small red text near the text box with the error.

After selecting ‘Submit,’ and it is successful, you’ll receive an email with either the subject line: Thank you for becoming a member of AMOC.

The notes below may make successful completion of the form easier