Membership in AMOC Section West is included with membership in the International AMOC.

Each new member receives a welcome pack from the AMOC UK that comprises a copy of AM Quarterly and AM News, a leather AMOC key fob, a club lapel badge and a plastic windscreen badge.

AMOC Section West is run by a few dedicated volunteers.  Members participate in creating a dynamic program of events that include informal gatherings at local restaurants, curated tours of scenic and historic locations, visits to regional points of interest, and larger quarterly group events.

AMOC members receive invitations to exclusive fashion and charity events, and private car collections arranged by other members.   Non-competitive AMOC days at regional race tracks, and member organized weekend driving getaways are also a part of the fun.


AMOC Section West membership includes the North American biannual publication The Vantage Point. Members also receive both the UK publications Aston Martin Quarterly and AM News. Each offers report the club's activities around the world, has technical features, and historical features contributed by participating members.


Along with the AMOC Section website, there is a UK site. Besides the public areas of the AMOC UK website, AMOC members have access to members only forums, model information, 'Bits and Pieces,' technical forums, and Idling, a virtual clubhouse. There is also an AMOC online shop, cars listed for sale, and spare parts register.

AMOC members going abroad can take part in events ranging from local functions, to full scale race meetings.  AMOC International members also arrange social events and continental tours, with other activities in between. The Club is headquartered in the UK and manages members around the world.


Sections are operating in most European countries, arranging their own events and functions similar to Section West. The AMOC has active sections in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and throughout Asia.  Many North American members have established lifelong friendships with AMOC members while traveling overseas.


Membership in the AMOC supports The Aston Martin Heritage Trust.  The Club found AMHT in 1998, and provides a permanent home for archives, collections of vehicles and memorabilia. The goal of the AMHT is to provide inspiration and education in every aspect of Aston Martin heritage.  A separate membership in the AMHT is available.


The Club and the Trust share headquarters in a restored 600-year-old barn in Drayton St Leonard in Oxfordshire, England.  The Barn is home to AMOC archives and a modest administrative organization.  Visits to the museum at The Barn requires prior arrangement.

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