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The Aston Martin Owners Club UK (AMOC) was formed in 1935 and is the world’s oldest, largest and only officially recognized, membership club for Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts. In North America, for over 60 years the Aston Martin Owners Club Section West has served as the 'West of the Mississippi' US/Canadian affiliate of the club. The AMOC is a club for owners and Aston Martin cars from the earliest pre-war models, through the David Brown era, to the very latest models produced today.  We welcome all Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts in Western North America to join us.


AMOC Section West is part of the global Aston Martin Owners Club organization with more than 6000 members in 50+ countries.


Members of the Aston Martin Owners Club of North America are some of the nicest, most welcoming and well-informed people that you will meet. They enjoy lively socializing, driving, showing, racing and discussing their own cars as well as the many other Aston Martin models that have been created in the firm’s 100+ year history.


Membership in the Aston Martin Owners Club affords access to exclusive events, club publications, knowledgeable owner resources and technical information and special promotions for AMOC members.


The Aston Martin Owners Club in North America Section West is segmented geographically by area.  Each has an Area Representative that organizes events at the local level. These events range from informal get-togethers at local restaurants, a day trips to community curiosities, scenic and historic locations, and visits to regional points of interest. Other opportunities include exclusive access to car centric fashion and charity events, private museums, non-competitive AMOC only days at renowned tracks like Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway, and Thunderhill, along with weekend getaways touring areas of our states. The club also maintains a calendar of other car events that may be of interest for members. No matter what activity it is, we encourage our members to use and enjoy their Aston Martin.


We welcome Aston Martin enthusiasts and hope to see you out at our events as a member of the Aston Martin Owners Club.


  • Red River: Texas and surrounding areas
  • Mountain Area: Colorado and surrounding areas
  • Pacific Northwest and British Columbia
  • Arizona area
  • San Diego
  • Southern California
  • Northern California
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